Online event production combines specialised services into producing a sleek online event. But when going online, you need more than an event platform, speakers, and a little bit of promotion. You need a solution that will help drive the experience your attendees want and the exposure and return your sponsors need. There are some great run it yourself platforms, and in some instances doing it yourself makes sense, but when you need to ensure a super slick delivery to deliver your message, consider the following:
Event Production. Production and equipment for live, hybrid, and online events — creation of virtual environments, digital mixing, staging, lighting, sound and video recording, culminating in streaming your event to your dedicated portal or a public platform like youtube, facebook and twitter. Professional production equipment and services are a key part to creating a world-class online event.

Experienced Technicians. In person-events are normally run by experts. They ensure that your event runs smoothly and can handle any issues in a professional manner with minimal disruption. There is no reason why an online event should be different.

Dedicated Support Team. A must for online events is a support team monitoring not only the backend delivery but also to help speakers and attendees with any technical support needed.

Platform Integration. The event platform likely needs to include services like Q&A, polling, moderation, registration and often much more. A flexible platform allows you to use its services or integrate ones you prefer. The ability to incorporate special features and custom functions is important to create unique and engaging events.

Video Streaming & Broadcasting Service. There is more to streaming than meets the eye; bitrates, content delivery networks, stream formats are all things that affect both cost and performance. Getting this right is critical. An experienced Online Event Production Company should be able to advise and provide the best solutions depending on your project. There is no one size fits all approach here!

Virtual Environments & Sets. Create something unique and never before seen! Don’t settle for second best to an in-person event, use powerful technology to do something you can’t do at an in-person event.

Supported Online Events. Your online event production team will guide you through the process, from using a platform like Confluence, how to curate your content and provide you with tips on running your programme in a way that lends itself best to the online space, to being on-hand support throughout your event.

Hybrid Event Services. Full AV production and online event services included. We’ll manage the onsite production and ensure all your viewers have a smooth, engaging online experience at the same time. Hybrid events require careful thought and planning to ensure that both sets of attendees have a great experience. In order to do this, Ampere Virtual’s turn-key solutions encompass:

  • Full AV production and services for your local audience
  • Live video streaming
  • Multi-camera shoots where required
  • Integrated Q&A, polling and other interaction for both live and remote audiences
  • Technical director onsite to produce the event along with their online counterpart
  • Assist with content and presentation advice to suit both in-person and online styles
Ampere Virtual specialises in the production of online events, handling everything from on-site technical production of sessions to creating virtual sets, from webcasting to online platform integration. We streamline online event production so you can focus on your event. We think of the technical and production details so you don’t have to.