Our Expertise deliver Event Excellence

Ampere’s expertise and experience encompasses Corporate Events, Live Events, Activations, Exhibition and Experiential Services,
as well as Trade Services and Equipment Dry Hire.

Corporate Events

Engage with key role players in all aspects of your business

The diverse requirements of conferences, launches, dinners, shows and exhibitions, for clients, business partners and staff require a diverse set of technical solutions. Our inventory is carefully compiled to meet the technical, aesthetic and cutting-edge requirements of corporate events.

Our service includes:

  • Conferences
  • Launches
  • Awards & Dinners
  • Presentations

Live Events

Celebrate, entertain and impress: all the solutions to captivate your audience

For concerts, parties, shows, theatre and fashion, Ampere has the right equipment and expertise to build impressive stages and structures; provide exemplary audio and a visual feast of lights and video. We are able to create an experience like your audience has never encountered before. Technical solutions for today’s live events need to be cutting edge and unique to really impress your audience. Ampere has the equipment, designs, skills and expertise to make this happen.

Our service includes:

  • Design and conceptualisation
  • Show design and control
  • Concerts and parties
  • Live music and dance events
  • Theatre and live entertainment
  • Fashion events and Television productions

Exhibition & Experiential 

Interact and engage on a level never before possible; capture the imagination of your consumer

Engage with customers, partners and employees through innovative interactive technologies such as motion tracking, touch controls and more.  Beautifully designed and detailed stands and displays help to bring a brand’s characteristics to life.

Our service includes:

  • Exhibition stands
  • Experiential and interactive stands and displays
  • Point-of-sale and retail displays

3D Video Mapping

Transform objects into large scale creative canvasses, buildings, sets and more

Using the latest high definition, high brightness staging projectors, we can turn any surface into a large scale 3D canvass. The power of video mapping allows and surface or object to come to life, allowing transformations and animation to static objects, the perfect tool to tell a powerful story.

Our service includes:

  • Turn-key design, content and equipment services
  • Spatial scanning, modelling and content production
  • On-site planning, equipment supply, mapping and show control

Augmented Reality

Give your online event the creative edge

From creation of virtual studios to immersing hybrid augmented reality interactions.  Let your online presenters interact live with graphics and brands.

Our service includes:

  • Design and conceptualisation of digital production
  • Show design and control
  • Live online entertainment
  • Live or pre-recorded online conferences and presentations

Trade Services & Dry Hire

Make our solutions, your solutions

Whether you need dry hire equipment to meet seasonal shortages or full service sub-contract services, either part or full service or scenic services to complement your AV supply, our trade and dry hire specialist will assist you. Our Trade services and Dry Hire department is specifically designed to assist other AV and technical supply companies or trade partners. We are always happy to help.

  • Single or full service
  • Dry or crewed rentals
  • Complete sub-contract services
  • Access to the latest technology and innovations