Our COMPLETE SOLUTIONS bring your Ideas to life


Project Planning around Boardroom Table

Showing off your project in the best light; enhancing architecture, lighting performers & show pieces or dazzling mid-air effects

From subtle and elegant to bold, glitzy and glamorous, we know how to light your event in the best way to elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary. Our lighting designers can help you to set the right atmosphere, highlight your message and dazzle your audience, with the perfect tools to achieve the optimum effect.

Our service includes:

  • Lighting designs for the full spectrum of events, productions, shows and exhibitions
  • Skilled operators and technicians to ensure your lighting rig runs optimally
  • Lighting desks, effects generators, moving lights and the latest LED lighting technologies
  • Effect lighting, decorative lighting and other special use equipment

For more information contact Cape Town office at +27 21 3000 600 or Johannesburg at +27 11 5000 330, or email us at info@ampere.co.za