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Whether you require an audio system to enable the natural reproduction of the spoken word for a presentation or conference, or to amplify the performance of a live act at a festival, or sound to thousands of spectators in a stadium, the success of any event’s depends audio depends on a number of factors: The supply of the right equipment is critical, but the design, planning and implementation are also integral to the success of these projects. Ampere Event Technology has the equipment, skills and experience to provide perfect audio for a range of projects.

Our service includes:

  • Planning and designing turn-key audio solutions
  • Supplying loudspeakers, mixing consoles, microphones, wireless and communications equipment
  • Providing equipment and support for indoor & outdoor projects of all sizes
  • Supplying equipment of the highest quality from d&b Audiotechnik, Yamaha, Allen & Heath, Sennheiser, Shure and other premium brands

For more information contact Cape Town office at +27 21 3000 600 or Johannesburg at +27 11 5000 330, or email us at info@ampere.co.za