Our COMPLETE SOLUTIONS bring your Ideas to life

Virtual Events

Ampere Virtual provides specialised live event streaming solutions, Virtual Events and Webcasts for entertainment as well as corporate events or presentations. Streaming solutions allow users to go live from their own device or our professional broadcast equipment, from one or multiple locations, all controlled by our cloud studio. These can then be outputted to public platforms, including all major social media, or private environments where registration and attendance can be carefully controlled and reported.

Our hardware solutions cover all the requirements from cameras to connectivity allowing you to go live from locations with limited or even no internet connectivity.

For more information on our range of solutions and how we can help you, contact our team of Virtual Event experts on virtual@ampere.co.za

We understand the real world requirements of events, and are thus perfectly positioned to provide both virtual as well as perfectly integrated hybrid (in person and virtual combined) events.


Our proprietary virtual event portal, Confluence, offers secure online events, conferences, workshops and presentations. Confluence caters for single or multiple simultaneous rooms, remote presenters and panelists as well as all the interactivity elements expected of an in person conference such as Q&A, polling, voting and chat rooms. The portal and hosted events are fully supported locally, by humans. No frustration with automated bots or overseas communication delays.

Webcast Studio

Simple.  Professional. Fully supported (by humans) Virtual Events.

We bring your online events to life with our proprietary Virtual Event Portal for secure virtual and online events, conferences and workshops.

We’ve taken the best software and streaming solutions available and coupled these with professional hardware and presentation equipment, added a bit of our own ingenuity to the mix, offering them in a fully equipped presentation environment – either on premise or off.

For more information contact Cape Town office at +27 21 3000 600 or Johannesburg at +27 11 5000 330, or email us at virtual@ampere.co.za